Seatimed 2013

This Event is supported by :

Frédéric CUVILLIER, Minister for Transport, Marine Affairs and Fisheries

Michel AYMERIC, the Secretary General for the Sea.

The world wide competitiveness cluster Pôle Mer PACA (Sea Innovation and Business Cluster) and its partners are setting up the next SeaTIMed / Spacemar conference in Toulon (French Riviera) on 2013, September 30th and October 01st at the Neptune Congress Centre.


SeaTIMed / Spacemar 2011 was dedicated to land, sea or space based maritime surveillance and brought together top international experts, among which DG MARE, ESA, EMSA, ASI, EUSC, Frontex, SHOM..... It had the objective to prepare for the future of safety and security at sea for all levels of usage: European agencies, states, military/port/commercial bodies, businesses, and professional and leisure sailors.

SeaTIMed/SPACEMAR 2011 had 3 main aims:

  • Develop a common vision amongst the key European maritime countries,
  • Understand the integration of space into other maritime surveillance systems,
  • Implement a strategic road map for the development of operational systems.

SPACEMAR 2013 will deal with solutions and systems for maritime surveillance, international cooperation, interoperability and environment.

This event dedicated to maritime surveillance will bring together top international experts and has the aim to prepare the future of security at sea for all levels of usage.

Please note that Toulon will welcome the Tall Ship Regatta during 3 days, from September the 27th to the 30th. The Tall Ship Regatta gathers the world's largest sailboats in the world!

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